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Location information / map linked SOS service usage guide

This service can release location information (GPS acquisition, address input, marker adjustment on the map) in the case of evacuation / distress in disasters, mountain climbing etc., and can request relief around. February 2018 In Fukui heavy snow, I got a clue for a case reporting to the police that the rescue request was not shared to the prefecture where snow removal work was carried out, and the result died without being rescued.

How to use

Report fire and police
Please tell us the circumstances of evacuation / distress to 119 (firefighting) or police (110) first.
Create account
It is necessary to create an account to post SOS (location information). This is to promptly delete SOS request after rescue. You can log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter.
SOS registration
The current location will be shown on the map, and the rescue team will be easier to find. Please update the evacuation situation by using the comment field after registration.
SOS remove
Please delete it promptly when it is rescued.

How to use disaster area mapping

It is an online map service that makes it possible for everyone to arrange by category a wide range from the damage situation of the afflicted area to the support measures, and to link with the map at the same time to display "what, what, what" in an easy to understand manner.

Please post information from here.